John Day River and Castle Rock
2017 Eclipse Related Stories

The Great 2017 Eclipse Roundup
It came, they came, they all went and we are still here

Grant County and Things that Bite
Introducing some local residents which visitors will not want to meet

Burning Issue
Fire safety tips for eclipse visitors

Flush Times in Grant County
More getting ready for the eclipse

Information for 2017 eclipse hosts
This week, something for our local readers

Finding a Place to Stay
Lodging options in Grant County for the 2017 total eclipse on Aug 21 2017

Grant County Solar Eclipse tips
Some things you should know if you plan to come to Grant County for the 2017 total solar eclipse

Why Total Eclipses are Rare
Why we don't have a solar eclipse every month

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Eastern Oregon History

The Great Platte River Road
A comprehensive history of the western migrations

Memoirs of a Lady Buckaroo
Book review of the autobiography of a very unusual resident

Let the Mountains Remember
Announcing the first in a regular series of book reviews

A pair of very curious narratives

Racism is the Amercian west had its own character

Hidden Treasure
Ancient lands and secrets in plain sight

History and Krushchev's Shoe
Why history can be so hard

Frontier Justice
Law and order in a land with very little of either

People and Horses
Not so long ago, people were different

What is History for Anyway?
Grant County Oregon's 150th Birthday Party

February 11 2014 A German Cowboy
The story of one of the oldest cattle brands in Grant County

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Eastern Oregon General

Easy Getaway
A good place to spend a hot summer day in Grant County

Way Out West
Some things that make the western landscape distinctive

The Secret in the Park
The secret place in Clyde Holliday State Park

The Invisible Monster
The Humongous Fungus and the puny humans

A Clean Getaway
Away from it all but not too far

Frazier Campground in the Ochoco National Forest
Really getting away from it all

Cottonwood: the Western Tree
There are no really bad trees, only misunderstood ones

Big Bend and Lone Pine Campsites
A quick tour of Big Bend and Lone Pine campsites

Paleo Living
Going back to the old, old ways

The Local Character
It is the nature of things to change the nature of things

The Reality Show
Maybe not really perfect but always perfectly real

The Untamed Tree
Some things were never meant to be domesticated

Standard Time and Local Time
Time moves a little differently out here

Grant County: Indian Country
Indians in Grant County, yesterday and today

Grant County Christmas Bird Count
Birders in eastern Oregon

High Desert Christmas
Happy Holidays to All

Solitude and Freedom
Anyone could, but would you?

The Original Western
What makes a western a western?

Coming Home
The Nez Perce Tribe return to some of their ancestral lands

American Words for non-American Readers
Do you have words for things you've never seen?

Invisible Chronicles of Vanished Worlds
One of the most significant heritage sites in North America

March 25 Springtime in Grant County
Spring in Grant County: a season of blossoms and baby animals

February 25 Supervolcano Tourism
Good news about the Yellowstone hotspot

December 17 2013 It's not really a question
The Grant County Gazette attemps to explain another curious American ritural

December 02 2013 Grant County Campsite map
The Grant County Gazette takes the first steps to a map showing every campsite in Grant County

November 5 2013 Wandering Motivation
Why travel to eastern Oregon - Why travel at all?

October 22 2013 High Country Fall
Why autumn is our best season

October 8 2013 Written in Letters of Fire
Cattle brands, the cowboy alphabet

September 24 2013 The Zenith of Un-Civilization
Perhaps the best reason to come is what you won't find here

August 27 2013 Restoring Fish Habitat
Oregon's native tribes: preserving the past and building the future

July 2 2013 Owls for Neighbors
True nature experiences at your back door

July 30 2013 Nubistry
Some things that make this site different
and one thing that makes eastern Oregon special

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2017 Rodeo Calendar
Our interactive map of Oregon rodeos updated for 2017

--> Summertime
'62 Days, motorcycles and music and more

Bikes and stars
Moto Guzzis come to town and we finally do a Chautauqua

Selected Grant County Notes
A busy week of happenings in Grant County

The Seneca Oyster Feed
Seafood in the high prairie

the 2016 Oregon Pow Wow Calendar
The Grant County Gazette 2016 Interactive Pow Wow Calendar

the 2016 Oregon Rodeo Calendar
The Grant County Gazette 2016 Interactive Rodeo Calendar

Winning in less than a minute
Grant County has its own take on the American motorsport

Natural Astronomy
The Gazette announces the Blue Mountain Natural Astronomy Campout

A New taste comes to eastern Oregon
The distinctive flavor or the old west. Does it have a future?

County Fairs and Coming Days
The county fair was born in the 19th century. Does it still have a place in the 21st?

Queen of the Rodeo
The 2015 Spray Rodeo Queen in her own words

The Last Roundup?
The Grant County Rodeo Calendar is Ready

Real Music: a Rant
If it Isn't Live, it aint Music

Prefectly Normal People
Perfectly normal ladies who shoot big .45s

Big Day in a Small Town
Dayville Oregon celebrates the hundredth anniversary of its incorporation on this 4th of July

Cowboy Outfits and Rodeo Style
Why people spend $200 for blue jeans with holes in them

April 22 Flights of Fancy in eastern Oregon
Find out about the world-class birding hotspot you never knew about.

March 10 2014 Summer Calendar
What's going on in and around Grant County Summer 2014

January 28 Our 2014 Pow-wow Calendar
A somewhat complete listing of pow-wows open to the public in 2014

January 14 Our 2014 Rodeo Calendar
Find out which rodeos will be happening during your stay

August 20 2013 The Long Riders
The land of equestrian endurance riding

August 13 2013 Farming's Future Farmers
County fairs and why they are special

August 6 2013 Art Without Theory
Hot rodding: America's contribution to the arts

July 23 2013 Car Collision Zen
In eastern Oregon agriculture is irrigation

July 9 2013 Quaint Customs of the USA
The Fourth of July in the USA

June 25 2013 Cowboy Fast Draw Contest
The fastest gunslingers in the west face off in Canyon City

June 18 2013 Motorcycle Heaven
BMW riders gather in a place made for long distance cruising

June 11 2013 62 Days Celebration
Canyon City Oregon celebrates its origins as a gold rush boom town

June 4 2013 The Spray Rodeo
The best little rodeo in Oregon - the Cowboy's Rodeo

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Joaquin Miller related

The First Fam'lies in the Sierras
Online edition of Joquin Miller's First Fam'lies of the Sierras

The First Fam'lies of the Sierras
Chapter two of Joaquin Miller's first try at a novel

The First Fam'lies of the Sierras
Chapter one of Joaquin Miller's first try at a novel

Evolution of a Writer
Presenting a series of Miller works showing how he revisits and reworks his material

The First Woman in the Forks
Another Joaquin Miller story

The Last Man of Mexican Camp
One of Joaquin Miller's Western Stories

The Purple Pioneer
Canyon City's unkown famous son

The Silks of Mary St. Clair
Tall tales and real history blended by an expert blender

Wild Beautiful and Dangerous
The Story of Mary St. Clair

September 10 2013 Pioneer Poet
Who understands Joaquin Miller?

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Travel outside eastern Oregon

Riding West on Shining Rails
What is it like to travel by rail in 21st century America?

Journey to the East
Notes from a Journey to the East and pictures from the Timber Trucker's Parade

Flyover Country
Why I hate the phrase "flyover country"

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From the Bookstore

Henry James
Your ticket to a foreign land

Misunderstood Cincinnatus Hiner Miller
The Frontier Poet

The One Fair Woman
Literary Archaeology

Jack London and Francis Parkman
On Civilization

Everything Else

A historian looks at the future with both hope and fear

Starting the New Year Right
Our New Year's Message

A Weather Report
We have more snow than we know what to do with.

Neither Fish nor Fowl
We oftn do things differently

New Grant County Historical Museum
We build a new website for the Grant County Historical Museum

Announcing the Bookstore Cat
Something new about some old things.

Announcing the Blue Mountain Cyber Ranch
We hope this is the start of something big.

Tara Was Feral
The old west as it never was

Something very different this week

2016 4th of July
Thoughts on democracy in a very strange election season

King Trump
Some notes about American politics in the spring of '16

Hen House Horror
Are they hatching something?

Something Different
quit your day job and become a beta tester

A Very Select Group
Could you be a member of the .004 per cent?

Calling all Trailblazers, Pathfinders and Pioneers
The Grant County Gazette asks Do you have what it takes to be a pioneer?

April 8 A Classic Western Saga
Why would anyone choose to live miles from civilization?
Is senseless violets part of the answer?

December 31 2013 New Year's Message for 2014
The Grant County Gazette: Prospection, Retrospection and Inspection

November 19 2013 Frontier Hospitality
You can be coddled on the lone prairie-You just have to pick the right lone prairie

September 3 2013 Schedule Change
We announce a change in our publication schedule

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