This weekend we attended a Demolition Derby at the Grant County Fairgrounds. Some things are too pure to be analysed so I will describe. The demolition derby was hels at the grant county fairgrounds A local girl's club serves kettle corn and lemonade. One can by a very decent hot dog and iced tea for 5 bucks. First the contestants, their cars and their crews enter the arena. Then a Pilapina who became a citizen last year sings the national anthem. Then they fire a really loud cannon. Then they award a prize for ... Then everybody except the contestants for the first heat leave the arena. Then they seal the arena-just like a cage match. Then the contestants in the first heat face off. Then they ram each other. And ram each other. Until only one car is still able to move. Then they drag all the other cars out of the arena. And the second heat enters. The arena is sealed. They face off. And ram each other. Until just one is still moving. Then they have a half-time show of barrel racing on ATVs. Meanwhile contestants attempt to restore their cars to drivable condition for the championship round. Where they face off and then ram each other again only harder. Until one emerges victorious. And the summer moon lights our way home. A Grant County Demolition Derby - either you get it or you don't.
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