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This week we have an actual ebook. It's still not quite the way I want it but it's a start. Clicking on the link should make the book download automatically, but if it doesn't and you get a bunch of garbage on the screen, just right click and select \"Download file\" and you should get a file named \"evolution_of_a_writer.epub'in your Downloads folder or wherever your downloads go. We're giving it away so check it out and if you have any problems, please let me know what the problem is and what kind of reader you are using so I can try to fix it. Get it here. The Joaquin Miller cabin in Canyon City. Some old mining equipment An old mine cart A monitor for hydralic mining From the Canyon City Cemetary looking north. Old cabin in Canyon City. Old buggy and freight wagon. Old farm equipment. Canyon Mountain rocksdummy_text.
Evolution of a Writer
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