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Welcome to The Grant County Gazette, a regularly published website dedicated to bringing you news from the opposite end of the world.
Kimberly Oregon Of course \"opposite end of the world\" is not meant literally but in the sense in which Isaac Assimov used \"opposite end of the galaxy\" in his Foundation stories. In the cultural and social senses, our conditions are so different here that we live in a very different world from what most of you are used to.
John Day Oregon We know that most of our readers live in cities because that is where most of the human race lives these days. In Grant County and eastern Oregon generally, we live in the non-city, the un-city, the anti-city.
Mt Vernon Oregon In some ways this can be a burden. Cell phone reception can be spotty. There are many parts of the county where there is no internet. Movie theaters, medical specialists, professional sports and luxury shops are all at least three hours drive from here.
Long Creek Oregon There are compensations. Some of us like an environment where time is measured in seasons instead of gigahertz. For some, seeing bald eagles every morning and elk herds in the evening is better than having a 3D movie theater nearby.
Prairie City Oregon This is a place of sun filled days and star filled nights. If you consult a dark sky map, you will see we have some of the darkest skies anywhere. Couple this with elevations that start at around 2000 feet above sea level and our usually dry air and our night sky has a splendor that no city anywhere can match.
Seneca Oregon For most of us here, wilderness starts at our back door. Nothing is easier than a walk in the woods without another human being in sight. This is the real wilds with many bears along with mountain lions, and wolves. You can't sue a bear or rather the bear won't care if you do so people who live here come to a different attitude to many things.
Austin Junction Oregon Cyclists who are willing to leave the pavement have almost 7000 miles of public roads available for exploration.
Monument Oregon We have our art and science too. Grant County is home to one of the largest assemblages of mammals fossils on the planet. We are home to a number of writers, artists and musicians. People who are passionate about biology, geology anthropology and history find plenty to work with here as well.
Dale Oregon We publish bi-weekly featuring various local events and diverse aspects of life in an almost completely undiscovered corner of this planet. We are especially eager to reach out beyond to borders of the United States - to welcome visitors from around the world to a special place. We hope that you will find what the Grant County Gazette has to offer educational, enjoyable and enlightening and that you come back often.
Dave Driscoll editor, The Grant County Gazette

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