I said a while ago that eastern Oregon was at its best in the fall, but springtime can be really nice too. The weather in spring can be unpredictable but it tends to be very reasonable.
Temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit
" Springtime is our wettest season so the rivers will be at their highest and the grass at its greenest but it is still drier than most places.
Average precipitation in inches:
Mar 1.27, April 1.39, May 1.90, June 1.18, July 0.66, August 0.63. This is the high season for birding and Grant County is on the migratory path for many species. Just a little to the south of us, Malheur Lake is a world-class hot spot for bird watching. Traffic tends to be light even for us in this season. If you are adventurous you can go all day and not see another living soul. If you get here early enough, you can beat most of the bugs. And, once again, most of the barbed and spiny vegetation is still green and soft at this time of year. As the mountain snows melt, the rivers are at their highest and this is the time for rafting. This is the time when wild life is going through their mating and hatching rituals so many animals are at their most active. A vast array of bustling birds and burgeoning blossoms are just waiting for your visit.
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Blossoms and Babies
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