If you make a ruckus in the forest and no one hears it, is your behavior unsound? At the Frazier campground chances are very good that no matter what you do, no other human will hear a whisper of it. If you want to get away from everybody and everything, this is a good place to start. This makes the second in my series on campsites in Grant County. Grant County is home to pieces of three national forests. Large portions of the Umatilla and Malheur national forests lie in Grant County and a small portion of the Ochoco National Forest extends into Grant County. The only campsite in the Ochoco National Forest which is within the boundaries of Grant County is the Frazier Campground. One way to get there is to go south from Dayville on the South Fork road which runs along the east bank of the South Fork of the John Day River. We will give you directions so you won't even need a gps to find it although it is a good idea to always take on with you because the roads are not always clearly marked. Here is the first tricky part. About nine miles south of Dayville, take the left fork of the road which is county road 42. If you go straight it's not a disaster, but it will dead end in a couple of miles and you will have to backtrack. Keep going along the east bank of the South Fork river until about 29 miles south of Dayville you finally cross the river at this bridge. After crossing the bridge, you will climb beside the waterfalls and a then come to this fork. Follow the signs to Paulina and take Forest Service road 58. Stay on 58 and cross this bridge. After about 5 miles on 58 you will come to fsr 500 and a sign pointing to Frazier Campground. Less than 2 miles along this road you will see the sign for Frazier Campground. This is a very basic campground with parking spaces, fire pits and tables and 1 vault toilet. It is very lightly used except during the fall hunting season. Even some of the locals did not kow about it even though it is not very difficult to reach. Here you will find open spaces, tall pines, big sky and no people. You should expect deer and elk for neighbors instead. Black bear and cougar are also present but you probably will not see them. Eagles and other large raptors are common and beaver and otter inhabit the streams. You may find mushrooms depending on the season with morels being the most common edible variety. In clear weather, and most summer nights will be clear, the night sky will be spectacular.
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