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Winning in Less than a Minute
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Nothing could be more essentially American than a drag race. But, as with most other things, we do it a little differently in Grant County. Drag racing is racing for working stiffs. We don't have any million dollar rides here. Not much in the way of prize money and I didn't see any jet set babes. We also don't have a drag strip within a hundred miles but we do have a lot of snow in Seneca and lots of room so we drag race snowmobiles. For those who are not familiar with the sport, drag racing is racing stripped down to the absolute minimum: beat the other guy. As for all the other stuff you see at other races, the pit crews and transporters and mobile homes, we sort of make to. I'll put the elegance of our setting up against Le Mans or Nürburgring or any other place on earth though. And our spectators maintain an admirable level of refinement and decorum compared to most other race venues. The equipment tends to be pretty basic. Some do use nitrous oxide for a little extra kick. All in all it's just another way to enjoy our wide open spaces. You should come out and try it sometime.