You have seen it in the movies many times.
The little western hamlet, where nothing much ever happens, dozes in the sun. Then one day, a gang of strangers rides into town. This little western town is Canyon City Oregon. But it is not so sleepy today. That is because today it is full of gunslingers. Each one seeking to prove that they are the quickest gun in Oregon. In 2013 Canyon City is host to the Cowboy Fast Draw Association's Oregon state shootout. The rules are simple. Two gun slingers stand twenty five feet from the targets and when the yellow light flashes, they shoot.
Click here for a short video clip. The rules require appropriate western style clothing. Eighteenth-century western styles are preferred. Of course, everyone has a different approach to authentic western garb. The rules also require a 'period correct' single-action .45 caliber revolver. The pistols are loaded with cartriges containing wax bullets and very small loads of powder.The contestants shoot at circular targets which sense hits electronically. And one thousandth of a second can be the difference between winning and losing. Having the right outfit is as important as the shooting. Having the right outfit is as important as the shooting. If you have a crocheted cover to keep your pistol grip warm and dry on rainy days, it should be color coordinated with the rest of your outfit. To call this friendly competition would be an understatement. But the competition is serious and everyone keeps track of their standing. It is a very friendly crowd, with all kinds of contestants And competitions for every age group from young to old. Gunsmoke and good times in Canyon City Oregon courtesy of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association
Cowboy Fast Draw Contest
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