April 11-13
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

A traveling snowy egret
Was seeking his whistle to wet;
Directed his journey
To Basin of Harney,
Be quick and you'll see him there yet.

The playas of southeastern Oregon are host to vast numbers of migratory water fowl every spring. Come see them at the
John Scharf Bird festival. May 24-25
Spray Rodeo

Every cow and horse acts cussed
Hit the ground and get well dusted
If for wealth 'n fame they lusted
Reckon they'd stomp off disgusted
But cowboys think it's fun

The rodeo season begins with the cowboy's rodeo at the Spray Rodeo June 6-7
Ironman Shoot

Bow and arrow
Shell and shot
come to Bear Creek
and show whatcha' got

This is the first year for the
Iron Man Shoot, an archery, rifle and shotgun competition held at the Bear Creek Shooting Range in Grant County. June 12-15
Chief Joseph BMW Rally

How do you like to go out on the road,
Under a sky so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a soul can do!

Into the curves and over the mount
Till I can see so wide,
River and trees and cattle and all
Over the countryside--

Till I look down on the valley green,
Home of the bear and the trout--
Into the corner we go again,
Into the curves and out! (apologies to RLS)

Eastern Oregon is one of the best places in the world for motorcycle touring. That's why the Chief JosephBMW Rally keeps coming back. July 4
Dayville Centennial

Listen my children and you shall hear,
Of how this settlement did appear.
First, army post then stagecoach rest,
Later ranches filled the west
In \'14 we made a town
Of small extent but wide renown
So this year's the hundredth one,
You should drop in and join the fun.

Dayville was incorporated in 1914 making this the Dayville Centennial 4th of July. This year we're pulling out all the stops so this is the one to see. July 11-13
Cowboy Fast Draw Competition

A bunch of the boys came into town
And a passel o' ladies too,
To test their speed and try their aim,
The way that cowpokes do.
The fastest gun in the land to find.
(Come on, it might be you.)

The little town dozes in the sun until suddenly the air crackles with gunfire. Cowboy fast draw competition
Oregon State Championship-The Gunfight at Trails End July 27
Seneca Stampede Endurance Ride

In Seneca the riders' clan
A ride-and-tie event decreed,
Where Bear, the spacious valley, ran
Through forests measureless to man:
The Seneca Stampede.

Just you, your horse and endless prairie and forest under a pure blue sky. Seneca Stampede August 6-9
Grant County Fair & Rodeo

Come in Summer to Grant County
Meet us at the fair
Don't tell me the lambs are baah-ing
Any place but there

See and taste the ranches' bounty
Underneath the August moon
If you'll meet us in Grant County,
Meet us at the fair

High summer and a celebration of rural life:
The Grant County Fair & Rodeo September
Gravel Bicycling

Autumn Journey
Between heat and cold Fall stands.
Un-paved, the road is open.
Bike unrolls seven thousand miles. October 11-12
Burns Paiute Pow-wow

Drums drums drums
Some drums call
Some drums call all
Some drums call still
Still drums call some.

The oldest traditions of all. The Indians were here first and they are still here today.
Burns Paiute Reservation Day Pow-wow
Grant County Gazette Masthead
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