Perhaps I have put too much emphasis on how low the population density is here and how easy it is to find yourself some place where the nearest civilization is many miles away. For many of my readers this may be somewhat intimidating. I'd like to use this issue of the Gazette to emphasize the other side of this coin. Scarcity creates value and the fact that people are scare here means that we value our connections with our neighbors more than they do in the cities. We all know each other and we all work together to help each other and help our visitors. If you're going from Monument to Long Creek your host can tell you all about Long Creek and they can call ahead so folks will be expecting you. Here, you can be a wayfarer without being a stranger. It's really very informal, it's just the way people have done things around here since pioneer days. But just to give it a name, lets call it \"The Grant County Trailriders Support and Guidance Circle\". The Circle is a network of businesses, cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts and just plain folks who believe in cooperation, neighborliness and hospitality in Grant County. Our land is too big and our towns are too small for anyone to be able to do it all. But by working together, we offer a level of service equal to anywhere on Earth. This support ranges from local advice on trail conditions which can change too quickly to be shown on any maps to fully supported tours with guides, food and lodging provided for you. the Grant County Trailriders' SAG Circle offers some unusual benefits like our packer service. If you want to spend your time touring and enjoying the scenery instead of packing and lugging, our support members can pick your stuff up in the morning and have it waiting at your next campsite that evening. We can even box it up and ship it to your home when it's time to leave. If it's just too scary to be out of touch, we can arrange short term satellite phone rentals. And we can also offer short term helicopter medical evacuation insurance at very reasonable rates. On the frontier where the land is big and the people are few, we all have to help each other out. If you would like to find out more about how the members of the Grant County Trailriders' SAG Circle can help make your visit the perfect vacation, click through to the next page and drop us a line.
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