Rodeo queens have been apart of the rodeo world for centuries and the role has developed over the years. They began as a way to still have women involved after they could no longer compete in rough stock events with the men, and have since turned into representatives for their rodeo and the rodeo way of life. In my role as the Spray Rodeo Queen, it is my job to promote the rodeo by traveling to other rodeos, parades, and community events as a spokesperson for the historic Spray Rodeo. To many, the queens just look like the girls with the big curly hair and sparkly shirts that ride fast around the arena, but the job means much more than that. I am very passionate about the unique American Western heritage and the rodeo way of life, so helping to perpetuate this culture is what I believe being a queen is all about. Whether you are a seasoned rodeo competitor, or someone who is seeing it for the first time, the atmosphere at in rodeo will make you feel welcomed and give you a new understanding and appreciation for America's oldest sport. There is no thrill greater than running into an arena with a packed crowd, just you and the horse who has become like family. The Spray Rodeo is what I personally think rodeo is all about, and what makes it so special. The way a small town can get a massive turn out, over double its own population, and bring people from all over together just to all share something they all love: rodeo. About me personally, I am 16 years old and am a Sophomore at Corvallis High School in Corvallis, Oregon. I have been riding almost my entire life, competing in barrel racing since I was in the 4th grade. More recently I began breakaway roping, and have fallen in love with that as well. I have a 16 year old quarter horse gelding named Té (pronounced Tay) and am lucky enough to be able to borrow my friends roping horse named Smokey. I am so blessed to have these two amazing horses in my life and going through this adventure with me this summer! Outside of the horse world I play basketball and hope to pursue a career in medicine. This is my first title, but I have seen how others have grown so much through their years as queens, and know I will benefit from it too. I am beyond excited for this coming summer and blessed for the opportunity to travel to rodeos all over Oregon, as the 2015 Spray Rodeo Queen!
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